Why does Magic Mouse have a charging hole under the belly?

 American YouTuber managed to tackle one of Apple's most confusing and controversial designs.

Among Apple's worst and most confusing designs of all time, the Magic Mouse's charging port is always at the top.

The first version of Magic Mouse used 2 AA batteries. In 2015, Apple released the Magic Mouse 2. In this version, the Lightning charging port was placed on the bottom of the device by Apple, making it impossible for users to charge and use it, but have to wait until it is fully charged.

Matty Benedetto, an American YouTuber, created a device to solve the problem of charging and using the Magic Mouse. His YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions currently has over 1.26 million subscribers.

To be able to charge and use the Magic Mouse at the same time, Mr. Benedetto replaced Apple's charging cable with an L-shaped Lightning cable to reduce the contact distance between the device and the table.

He then 3D printed a stand to hold two metal marbles and a charging cable. This design allows the Magic Mouse's laser sensor to still be in contact with the tabletop.

However, this design does not solve the problem of Magic Mouse. When Mr. Benedetto plugged in the charger, the mouse stopped working. Unlike the Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard, the Magic Mouse cannot operate while it is plugged in.

YouTubers have discovered the reason for the above problem. Apple absolutely does not want users to use Magic Mouse while charging. Some users believe that Apple made this decision because Magic Mouse uses a Li-ion battery, while charging and using it will cause this battery to heat up and bottle, reducing the life of the product.

In addition, according to some comments on the video, Apple does not want users to use the Magic Mouse as a wired mouse because this will make the product "trivial" and not different.

For me or for many other users, the fact that Magic Mouse has a charging port under the belly is quite inconvenient, because when charging you will not be able to use the mouse, forcing you to wait for a long time to charge before you can use it.

In addition, many users complain that the design of the Magic Mouse is difficult to hold and very tired.