Mobile app design trends 2022

 Did you know: Mobile App is an extremely effective method of increasing sales in the digital age? And what is displayed on the app greatly determines the ability of potential customers to buy.

1. Why are mobile apps important?

 For a business, building a sales website is indispensable in the process of brand development and bringing products to a lot of potential customers. But not all businesses build mobile apps because they think that only big businesses like banks, supermarkets, finance, etc. need to spend money on this. However, in the digital age, building a mobile app is a big decision to the growth and revenue of the business.

You can see the success of Winmart, Shopee, Lazada, etc. when they have a very strong mobile app ecosystem. Let's take a look at some of the reasons why mobile apps are essential for your business.

1.1. Popularity of smartphones

 Currently, instead of searching and buying goods on websites, many customers prefer to use mobile apps to meet their shopping needs. No need to carry around a laptop or limited locations like a desktop computer, just a compact smartphone or a tablet connected to the internet, customers can choose and shop anywhere. , in any given moment and have everything they need.

In particular, during the time when the COVID-19 epidemic made it difficult to shop directly at the store, the frequency of smartphone use and the demand for shopping on mobile apps tended to increase even more. Can you ignore this extremely potential and effective method of reaching customers and selling?

1.2. Save marketing costs

 You will have to spend quite a bit of money to promote your business and products on mass media, news pieces or print, etc. Instead, mobile apps will minimize these costs. Using banners and push notifications right in your app, through a few simple settings.

In addition, using the mobile app itself as a marketing tool will be very effective because the message and product will reach the right potential customers, and you can easily choose which audience will receive what message. . An extremely convenient utility that no other media can respond so quickly and accurately. As a result, the cost of advertising is significantly reduced and the efficiency is much higher.

Also, what could be easier to increase your brand awareness with a mobile app? Long promotional videos are sometimes not as impressive as a mobile app with a business-specific design. And also because the demand for smartphone usage increases, the frequency of use is high during the day, customers will often see your mobile app and thereby increase the memory of your brand identity.

1.3. Easily analyze customer behavior

Want to draw customer portraits to find ways to reach, expand and sell more effectively? Mobile app will be the tool to help you do this without having to spend a lot of effort on surveying. By creating a mobile app, you can easily track downloads, customer overview (gender, age, geographic location, etc.), interest and shopping trends to choose from form of promotion as well as making sales plans suitable for each audience and each time.

In addition, having a deep understanding of customer behavior will help you to improve the user experience better, helping to retain customers effectively. Understanding your customers is the key to success for any business.

1.4. Maintain customer loyalty

 Mobile app is a great tool for you to build customer care programs. Customers' satisfaction with the brand is not only in the values ​​​​from the products and services that you bring to their needs, but also in the after-sales and later benefits that the brand offers to them such as: a tribute.

2. Mobile app design trends 2022

Because the user experience is very important, directly affecting the customer's ability to stick and convert, you should regularly update the latest 2022 mobile app design trends to promptly have good plans. Tailor-made plans to suit your target audience. If you are a new business building a mobile app for the first time, don't forget to find out where to design a reasonable mobile app with your business image as well as your goals!

Here is a summary of some of the latest 2022 mobile app design trends for your reference for your business' mobile app:

2.1. Unlimited images

 You may be thinking: Smartphone screens have limited display, so how to perceive an image that can be displayed "unlimited"?

However, you can absolutely do this. To accommodate the small screens on smartphones and tablets, mobile apps allow a variety of ways to interact with images: animation, panning, and zooming. For retail and e-commerce applications, products no longer need to be housed in a square or rectangle. Instead, they appear boundless and merge with the background as if they were floating among the other design elements of the app. This gives users a much more engaging experience when using the app and unifies app design.

 This type of image is often partially displayed or cropped to show more detail. Plus, you can combine this style selection with other interactive features. For example, you could use virtual reality in an e-commerce application that sells furniture or home appliances to allow users to visualize what the product would look like in their home.

2.2. Asymmetrical design

 Using asymmetry in design and layout creates focus around certain elements in an app. Sometimes people's eyes move in a certain direction when processing visual information and creating an asymmetrical design that will match the client's tracking flow. In 2022, we are seeing asymmetrical designs become more common, especially for applications with multi-product galleries (gallery), such as e-commerce applications. death.

Using an asymmetrical design can help reinforce a brand's unique identity and give it a fresh and interesting feel. It captures the customer's attention through the breaking of textures and provides a different visual experience in design than usual.

2.3. Emphasis on contours

Borders help separate and organize information in mobile app design. When adding a simple stroke around each element, the outlines act as separators to establish a hierarchy to guide the viewer. They mark the space for each title, image, or buttons.

Using contour is also a method that has been used for quite a while. Therefore, this type of design will bring a feeling of nostalgia, simplicity but still in line with modern technology trends.

2.4. Abstract spherical textures

Part of the appeal of spherical patterns is versatility. When used in mobile app design, circles are known to give designs a soft, inviting experience.

In 2022, we see application designs that favor round shapes. The designs often contrast circles with zigzag lines and bright colored lines. This type of design is both modern and soft, not stiff and very prominent.

2.5. Unique text alignment

 This will be an app design trend that will explode in 2022. For customers who have a habit of reading from left to right, designers are creating unique designs that have text aligned to the right. vertical and diagonal. Instead of letting users experience traditional text in app designs, aligning text in a unique way will make users much more impressive.

2.6. Multi-directional navigation

Omnidirectional navigation is an intuitive way to simplify complex flows and interactions. More than simply scrolling up and down through features, these designs encourage users to interact with the app more consciously. Including horizontal sliders between vertical scrolling screens creates a more enjoyable, memorable user experience. It's a trend that's especially common for multi-product applications. Features with podcasts, music, or social media should start from this point to enrich your content and immerse customers in your mobile app.

2.7. Use “thorny” designs

This style uses flat design, limited use of colors and large text with contrasting colors to make a strong visual impression. Surely your customers will not be able to take their eyes off this unique design.

2.8. Various layers on the screen

 This design style involves using shadows or blur effects on buttons and text boxes to partially cover the background image. This technique creates a fresh, warm feeling while establishing page hierarchy which is why it is included in the list of top mobile app design trends 2022.

Adding a light or shadow will help separate an element from the background and also indicate where the user's focus should be. This effect is also used in other places, such as subtitles. Swiping, overlay, and blur effects are commonly used in subtitles for movies, TV shows, and videos to make text easier to read. Using this design will make it easier for readers to follow and use the app.

2.9. Super app

 A super app is a mobile app that includes multiple services in one app. These applications are very popular in Asia and are expanding greatly in Africa. 2022 will see super apps become more and more popular globally. Designers are approaching this all-in-one app experience with lots of bright colors and cute, detailed visuals. Users can experience gaming, shopping, social media, and banking at the same time, so these app designs need to convey the extent to which they can deliver without being overwhelmed. A clean structure, often in a simple grid format, with multi-directional navigation is key to building superapps.

 2.10. Illustrations and icons

This trend applies not only to illustrations, but also to icons. Any small dynamic detail in the interface, especially in the right place, will be a big plus to make users attracted and stay with your mobile app longer.

To design mobile apps in this style, a close cooperation between a programmer and a designer is required. In any case, the trend with animation will evolve and it is mainly a team effort: product designer, UI/UX designer, illustrator, animator, creator program, tester. A designer can create an animation in any tool and then pass it on to a programmer.

2.11. Dark mode

This trend took off in 2019 and is still very popular to this day. Initially, dark mode was only used in applications that were created for use at night. The user had previously switched to dark mode in the settings. In addition, some options allow you to set a timer to switch modes. Nowadays developers also use this theme for websites. The top brands that actively offer dark themes are Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Dark mode is popular because:

  • Allows you to create color accents that stand out due to the great contrast against the dark background.
  • Allows you to perceive content at low brightness levels, without causing fatigue or glare.
  • Provides economical energy consumption and prolongs the life of the display.
  • The application will stand out from the rest.

2.12. Focus your design using gradients, shadows, and blurs.

The trend with shadows and gradients was once popular, and it's still relevant today. This trend comes from the widespread popularity of 2D graphics in the 2010s when it is necessary to create depth of textures or photos. All of this is mixed with pastel gradients and 3D icons. Gradients have also evolved a bit and become more complex. You have to combine different colors and palettes and use overlays. Color fade effects are increasingly being used in interfaces, often in the background. It gives depth and dimension to the look.

2.13. Maximum realism

This 2022 mobile app design trend quickly immerses users in your application and easily stimulates shopping, especially products with high applicability to people's lives. Examples: Realistic shots of human body parts, giving the user an idea of ​​the size of the product displayed on the screen, or a live image of food that awakens the appetite. A realistic photo of any object instantly makes the user's brain "jump" from the virtual world to the real world. And if this is one of the goals of your app, then this trend is perfect for your mobile app.